Telemedicine911, An AirVisits Product


Air Visits believes patients deserve the same standard of care whether they are being treated over telemedicine or in-person.  The same standard of care is most critical when it comes to emergencies.  

Our Story

Built and Tested in Air®Visits’ Telemedicine Call Centers

Supporting Doctors’ Telemedicine Everywhere


Air® Visits call centers provide technology and staff for doctors and hospitals to better practice telemedicine. We build software and the FDA has cleared us as a class 2 medical device manufacturer.  We have a handful of doctors and providers in New Jersey dedicated to using and trialing Air® Visits’ technology providing telemedicine care to patients mostly in New Jersey, the United States, and the world.  Compared to providers, we have 11 times more non-provider staff building software, testing platforms, and trialing cutting edge methods of care.  All software and services we provide clients have been proven over years of patient care.  


Early on, Air® Visits discovered a problem with telemedicine patient care.  Patients were mobile and would often be in another city or state.  When doctors discovered an emergency, they would call 911 for the patients.  But, the doctor didn’t reach the patient’s 911 dispatcher, they reached their own. The United States 911 system is separated into dispatch territories, each designed to receive 911 calls from their own geographic area.  But, telemedicine patients could be in a different city or state than their doctors. 911 wasn’t built to allow doctors to activate 911 on behalf of their patients.  Therefore, doctors resorted to searching for ambulances and transferring calls which sometimes worked quickly and sometimes didn’t.  Emergencies shouldn’t be left to chance or inconsistency.  So, Dr Chiu specializing in Emergency Medicine, Jimmy specializing in hardware infrastructure, Eric specializing in public infrastructure, and Neil specializing in physics, built a solution that would revolutionize the way 911 could be activated.  


Today, Air® Visits provides Telemedicine911 software across the United States so providers can deliver the level of care patients deserve.   


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Alexander Chiu, MD, MBA, FACEP

Chief Executive Officer

David Tu

Board of Directors

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Chief Technology Officer

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