911 Recordings and Successes

The below 911 recordings are provided for educational purposes. They are donated from real 911 activations for emergencies which happened during telemedicine. Please excuse the pauses as identifying information has been muted.

Examples of Real Telemedicine Emergencies:

911 content standards are less than medical handoff content standards. Notice that 911 emergency services persons do not ask for complete medical information such as allergies. It is the responsibility of the provider and healthcare organization to ensure complete medical handoff content.

The recordings may seem too long for urgent matters. Actually, dispatchers usually immediately activate first responders at the beginning of the call. Dispatchers verbally verify the location first. Then, while responders are en-route, they gain additional helpful information and/or add different responders as needed. Often you may still be speaking to 911 dispatchers when first responders arrive.

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