One Platform For All Community Emergencies

Emergencies are not limited to telehealth.  Your staff communicates with patients by phone, text, and video conference.

You may identify emergencies through a video visit, radiology finding, critical result, or remote monitoring.  Telemedicine911 makes emergency activation easy for all touchpoints by keeping it on one platform.  Expand users as needed from telehealth doctors to an emergency department clerk.

Equip all staff members who may talk to patients:

  • Telephone encounters
  • Telemedicine doctor visits
  • Radiology finding emergency call back
  • ER call back
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Social work crisis
  • Patients who call in worried about an emergency
  • Billing, satisfaction, and administration calls
  • Emergencies which need law enforcement or fire

Improve your transition of care from
telehealth to 911 dispatchers

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