Telehealth Practices and Facilities

Telehealth Practice

Telehealth practices today are growing exponentially.  Patients want easier mediums of care with text, telephone, video, and messaging, anywhere anytime.  However, local infrastructure is a part of care, and when growing to new areas, maintaining care through local facilities is always a challenge.  Telemedicine911 has telehealth practices covered by having 911 emergency response in all 50 states 24 hours a day.

Medical Practice

Medical practices today are juggling a schedule between in-person visits and video visits.  Telemedicine911 helps providers maintain control of telemedicine emergencies the same as those in the office.

Behavioral Health Practices

Hybrid in-person-telemedicine treatment brings unique challenges to behavioral health practitioners.  Patients who are in a different area experiencing a crisis may not be cooperative.  Telemedicicine911 ensures staff have the tools when addresses are unknown or when patients cooperation is incapacitated.  It’s still the provider’s duty to take care of the patient.

See video of a 911 Activation for an incapaciated patient

Health Plan Contact Centers

We understand that health plans have a responsibility to their beneficiaries.  Health plans have multiple phone calls and communication with patients who have very severe conditions.  At times, there are emergencies.  Telemedicine911 helps health plan staff respond to emergencies and ensure patients are sent to ERs which are in-network.

Watch video on how to make an Emergency request for a specific destination facility

Addiction and Rehabilitation Telemedicine

Telemedicine treatment for addiction and rehabilitation offer unique challenges.  Relapsing patients may be unconscious or have a lower mental status.  Substance withdrawal may trigger life threatening situations.  Telemedicine 911 ensures emergency care is always ready whether patients do not know the address where they are located or if they are incapacitated.

Download 50 state laws on duty to protect and warn

Acute Care and High Risk Patient Telemedicine

Telemedicine which takes care of higher risk patients will simply have more emergencies.  Programs need to be prepared for standard emergency situations as well as rare situations.  Telemedicine911 is there for high risk programs when patients are on the border of two different PSAPs, located across state lines, and need complex hand-off.

Healthcare and Non-healthcare Contact Centers

Telephone and digital communication with patients and people offer new challenges when it comes to emergencies.  Call center staff identify emergency situations when patients are on a mobile phone and not at home.  Whether call centers need to respond to emergencies for their healthcare client or just want to do the right thing during emergencies, telemedicine 911 is a tool to get help to the person on the other end of the line.

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HealthCare Technology Solutions

Today’s healthcare technology buyers want complete solutions.  It’s not enough for technology companies to provide a part of the solution.  Patient safety is often overlooked with remote monitoring technology, health apps, and equipment patients use in the community.  Telemedicine911 helps vendors fill the missing piece of the solution when their technology flags an emergency.

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