911 Barriers

Everyday the nation’s 911 system responds to calls for Police, Fire and EMS emergencies.  However this system was not designed with telehealth in mind.

The 911 infrastructure is aging and has not kept current with modern telecommunications creating issues of reliability and continuity of care during telehealth emergencies. Telemedicine911 is the only software that provides clinicians and their teams a seamless solution to ensure a documented, high-quality handoff.

  • 911 Infrastructure Limitations:
    • Only the PSAP/ Call Center In which the patient is located in can dispatch first responders
    • When a doctor calls 911, they reach their local dispatch, not the dispatch where their patient is located
    • When a doctor calls 911 the dispatcher will see the doctors information in their system, not the patient information.
    • 911 Infrastructure is siloed by state and dispatchers cannot communicate across state lines
    • Dispatchers are not always able to route ‘Text to 911’ and 911 calls to the same dispatcher
    • Priority One 911 calls are answered before Priority Two 10 digit administration calls- As a result, you may have to wait on hold to speak to a dispatcher
    • If you maintain a list of PSAP/Call Center numbers, it can be difficult to maintain. One to two percent of PSAP zones change, close, or open every three months.


The Risk of Waiting for Next Generation 911

While telemedicine is here to stay, one issue continues to plague providers who offer remote healthcare services: How to successfully hand off emergency events that occur during a telemedicine visit.

The current and outdated 911 system can prove extremely problematic and inhibit timely access to emergency care.

In this white paper by Telemedicine911, The Risk of Waiting for Next Generation 911, explores the history of the 911 infrastructure, the challenges it faces in a new age of cell phones and telemedicine, and innovative solutions that hospitals and practices can take to protect patients and themselves.

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Public Safety Access Points in the USA by County

Source: fcc.gov as of 2020-10-15

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